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Philippa Gray

Philippa has worked with us extensively on the Creativity For Life website and the Essential Audiences project (for Arts Council England's New Audiences website) among other things.


She also works for external clients who value her intelligence, integrity, eye for detail and - of course - impeccable English. Here she explains what a good proof-reader and editor can do for us and for our clients.

Copy editor and Proof-reader

"I don't need a proof reader."

Many people feel that their computer’s spellchecker can take the place of a good proof reader – but there is so much more to my work than correcting typos.

Eyes glazed over

Have you ever had to read the same piece so many times that your poor old eyes simply slide off the page? That’s when the best of writers miss errors – even in their own work. If you’re so sick of a document that you never want to see it again, then you need me.

Lay Lady Lay

Passion killer

Contact us if you would like to hire Philippa's brain...

Don't take my word for it...

E-mail us through this site, or call us on 01234 714959.

A client needed to write a clear and impartial piece on a subject very dear to his heart. He asked me to check it for passion and edit any part in which he had betrayed his righteous zeal. His academic reputation remained intact.

I will ask you about your target reader. If your work needs to be understood by lay readers I will rewrite over-technical text, flag up incomprehensible acronyms and wage war on jargon. Or I might simply insert a big red note saying “What the heck does this mean?”


You’ll find that you’re grateful in the end…

…even if it is immaculately spelled (or should that be “spelt”?). Here are a few testimonials from existing clients:


“This document was a nightmare – I would have been lost without you.”


“I am incredibly grateful for your input regarding grammar, structure, continuity and improvements.”


“I would do anything to get 3000 words off this piece.”

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Photo: Rufus Gray