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CRO Ltd. and UKCCA Creative Partnerships

The pilot year

We recruited 13 schools in Luton to carry out Enquiry (one-year) projects, including infant, junior, primary and secondary schools. In addition, we recruited four Creative Agents and 13 Creative Partners, who we assigned to the schools. (Normal practice is for schools to recruit their own partners, but time constraints and the necessity to establish the project made this the most feasible course.)


These included:

Television news piece about the sharing day.

The UK Centre for Carnival Arts was established in 1998 to add value and extend the activities of the Luton International Carnival. Since that time, this vision has been much enhanced and extended, successfully positioning UKCCA as a national organisation and leading agency for carnival in all its guises. The UK Centre for Carnival Arts in Luton is a vibrant and progressive arts centre which will promote the interests of both carnival arts and carnival communities nationally nd internationally.


About Creative Partnerships

UKCCA has secured funding from Creativity Culture and Education to deliver Creative Partnerships in Luton and Bedford schools over the period 2009-11. Creative Partnerships is the Government’s flagship creative learning programme, designed to develop the skills of young people across England, raising their aspirations and equipping them for their futures.


CRO Ltd was appointed to assist UKCCA to develop and deliver the pilot year, and to set up systems and a new team to carry the programme forward, working with Jo Piggott.

Jo was the Programme Manager for UKCCA, who led the development of the programme and gained two further years' funding from CP to continue the work and extend

it into Bedfordshire.

Ashcroft High School IMG_1437

Ashcroft High School

Ashcroft High School’s enquiry question is: “How can we use creativity as a tool to support and disseminate the research work of the student voice on our school’s journey from good to outstanding?” A group of young people drawn from the School Council were trained in research methods, and investigated a range of issues relating to the classroom experience. Working alongside sculptor/performance artist, Jessica, and visual artist, Zena, the students explored  alternative research techniques and creative ways to disseminate the results of their investigations.


Whipperley Infants School – Fabric of Stories

Young people, staff and parents from Whipperley Infants School collaborated with milliner and textile artist, Sabine, and carnival artist, Jacqui, to consider the question: “How can we use the medium of storytelling to spark imagination and enthusiasm for learning for our children, parents and staff?” All staff and all children in years 1 and 2 learnt to make felt, and used their new-found skills to make giant wall hangings and glove puppets that will inspire their story-telling.

For further details, please contact:



UK Centre for Carnival Arts

3 St Mary’s Road,

Luton LU1 3JA


Tel:      01582 437 100


For more information on Creative Partnerships, see the following link:

St Margaret of Scotland Primary School IMG_1432

St Margaret of Scotland Primary School – Carnival Connections

In this recently formed primary school, bringing together an infant school and junior school, the teachers and pupils working collaboratively towards a unified goal. Carnival artist Tammy facilitated the development of a whole-school Carnival, inspired by the school’s namesake – St Margaret of Scotland.


We ended the project with a sharing day which included a carnival parade on the ‘street’ area of the UKCCA, presentations from the participating schools and a chance for all the schools to share their work. 190 children attended and many guests enjoyed moving from stall to stall, trying out the different exercises.


The future

A total of 32 schools in Luton and Bedford will participate in the UKCCA CP project in

2009-10, and the same number in 2010-11. RO has assisted in recruiting these schools, and in putting the new team in place.